How to connect two or more gmail emails to another gmail

People like me have a lot of ongoing projects and all of them have emails and even more than one per project. Most of the time emails are on Gmail and here’s an easy solution how to connect few different Gmail emails on one main Gmail email.

  1. Sign out of all your Google / Gmail accounts and use the same broweser and you can try using an Incognito mode
  2. Sign in to the old Gmail account first ( the one you are trying to fetch mail from ) and make sure POP is enabled in settings either for ALL MAIL or only for mail that arrives from now on – depending on what you want to be collected
  3. You may need to Enable less-secure Apps for that account:
  4. Then go here:
  5. Then sign in to the new Gmail account ( the one you are trying to fetch mail into )  and set up Mailfetcher within the 10-minute window you are allowed.

After these steps, you should be able to successfully add another Gmail email to your main Gmail email

If the above steps didn’t work, you might visit this link for more information and configuration settings:


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